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Garden Maintenance Service - How to control all those weeds ?

Garden maintenance is a year round job. Weeds in your garden do not know or care that you have gone on a holiday an therefore should behave themselves. Then there's lawns and garden beds to trim and tend to and hedges and shrubs to prune.

Weeds are unsightly and without a regular garden maintenance will take over any garden. They will compete with your plants for water, light, space and nutrients. A combination of hand weeding, mulching and chemicals can be used to get the weeds under control. A common misconception is that the use of weed mats is good as it controls the weeds. In my humble opinion they make pulling the weeds out much harder once they get through (and they will get through eventually). The plastic disintegrates over time and can also have a negative effect on the overall health of the soil as it restricts the movement of water, air and nutrients in the soil. It is also important to remove dead foliage as it will reduce disease and insect problems.

We take out all the hard work and just let you enjoy your garden without the need to worry about those pesky weeds. Depending on the season you may need a garden maintenance service to come every fortnight in summer or once a month in winter. This obviously is dependent on many factors the most important of which is whether the garden beds are mulched (a service we can also provide).

We offer once-off garden cleanup's as well as a planned schedule tailored to meet you gardening needs. Key services we offer here are:-

  • Mulching of garden beds
  • Weeding Garden beds using a combination of hand-weeding and chemicals.
  • Apply Fertilize and Wetting Agent.
  • Tree Trimming and hedging.
  • Installing and Fixing Reticulation.
  • Program Irrigation Controller's for your watering days.
  • Locating Solenoid Valves.
  • Removing dead foliage.
  • All our prices include taking the green waste away.

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