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Lawn Care Service - How can I get my lawn green ?

A well maintained and healthy lawn has the following benefits:

  • Traps dust and dirt keeping the air around your dwelling cleaner
  • Absorbs noises making the homes and neighborhood's quieter
  • Traps sunlight reducing the temperature around the house
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Soothes the soul

Keeping a lawn looking lush and healthy is easy if you establish a regular routine of mowing, fertilizing and watering.

Regular Mowing

Regular mowing will keep the lawn even and attractive and will improve the density of the turf. A common mistake is to mow the lawn too short or infrequently. In WA it is important to leave more blade on the grass plant as it encourages a deeper root system, promoting drought resistant grass. It is also important to only every remove 1/3 of the leaf at one cutting. Regular mowing also reduces the likelihood of weeds getting established. Generally you should mow your lawn during summer every 14 days and in winter about every 30 days but obviously this is dependent on varying factors.


Turf consists of thousands of grass plants and like any plant it requires food. It is important to fertilize the lawn especially at the start of spring when the lawn comes out of a dormant phase. When new growth begins, the grass need more nutrients. It is also a good idea to fertilize the lawn every 2-3 months to keep a lawn green , lush and healthy. A healthy lawn also is able fight diseases and weeds better. Mowers that can mulch are beneficial to your lawn as they put the nutrients back into the lawn, resulting in less fertilizer having to be used.


Watering your lawn is as obvious as it is important. The most efficient means of watering a lawn is by installing an irrigation system. Hand watering and and hose sprinkler's usually leads to over-watering some areas and under-watering other areas. Over watering the lawn can lead to large water bill and an unhealthy lawn. If a lawn gets too much water it becomes weak and is easily damaged. The roots also struggle to get oxygen needed for photosynthesis and can start too rot. The grass becomes more susceptible to diseases. Lack of water will cause the grass to wither and die. With the additional burden of water restrictions we have placed on us in Australia it is wise to invest in an automatic or semi-automatic reticulation system.

Top Dressing

Top dressing can be used to level indentations in the lawn ( car parking in same spot ) and also to enrich the soil by adding special nutrients eg. reduce the reliance on the use of wetting agents for instance. Be sure to fertilize two weeks prior to top dressing the lawn.

Malaga Gardening & Mowing is able to provide you with a complete lawn care service in Perth, Western Australia. Our lawn mowing prices are very competitive and we can assist you in keeping your verge and property looking its best, be it commercial or residential. We are not just a lawn mowing business so we can offer you other services like gardening or tree pruning / hedging. We can fix your retic problems and even install new reticulation if required.

For further advice or tips on how to get your lawn looking green again call us. You will have the best looking lawn in the street and the envy of all your neighbours.

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