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Lawn Mowing Service - Why do I need to cut my lawn regularly ?

Cause a well mowed lawn looks spectacular but seriously it does actually help keep a lawn healthy. Apart from the fact that a well cut green lawn is good Feng Shui it keeps the grass plants in a vegetative stage by preventing seed formation. The routine partial removal of grass leaves also is a trigger for the production of tillers and rhizomes, resulting in denser turf. Higher mowing heights promote the development of deeper root systems. This is important in Perth, Western Australia as the grass is able to cope with the hot summers. It is also critical to never remove more than 1/3 of the blade length at one time.

A common misconception is that dumping lawn clippings on your garden beds is good. Lawn clippings in fact make poor mulch because they decay and form a barrier that's impenetrable to water and inhibits air movement. This can lead to fungus breeding. Over time as the clippings compost, they overheat the soil and draw out precious nutrients that plants need to survive. A better use of your lawn clippings is to add them to a compost heap. Our lawn mowing service price includes taking away the clippings, edging and whippy snipping.

  • We provide lawn mowing services and lawn care to most suburbs North of the River (see list) . Our service is second to none, our prices are competitive and include taking the clippings away and edging the lawn at no extra cost to you our valued customer.
  • We also offer ride-on mowing , slashing of vacant blocks and fire-breaks which by council regulation should be done before the end of the month of November.

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